So I’ve got these lyrics stuck in my head that Sara has been working on.  I added a little guitar ditty to it and the repeat button seems to be stuck in my head for this rendition.  The lyrics…

“You gave it all for me
So we can be together
You and I as one
Now and forever”

There is something powerful about music.  It’s as if it reaches to the depths of our souls and sometimes the lyrics seem to digest as if it was food for our body.  Sometimes it could be related to a nutritional supplement and sometimes it’s more like junk food.  I’ll leave that up to you to decide.  Either way it’s amazing how music affects our attitudes, moods, energy levels, romanticism, expressions, physical movements…etc!

I’m passionate about music and the messages that are sent.  I love the term “musicianary” when referring to musicians that use their musical warfare and lyrical messages to minister to those in their sphere of influence whether it is locally or globally as missionaries.  It’s been amazing to hear some of the testimonies shared about the first acoustic album we put out (Thorsby – The Grounded Project) in 2009.  More importantly to us than any compliments (or insults) that we get is that it reaches those that need to hear the message that God put in our hearts to speak directly to them at that moment.  It may have been one gig, one album, one song or just one lyric but if it somehow brought them closer to God then we feel it was successful.  It’s not about us but what God can do through us… and we give Him all of the glory for any success!

As these lyrics remind me of how God gave it all for me it helps me to focus in on why I do what I do.  No matter how spiritual we may think we are we should always be growing with forward progress and sometimes need reminders of the basics to refresh our spirit.  You’re either hot or cold… lukewarm is not an option.  I pray today that you are filling your life with lyrics that will stick in your head to remind you of how amazing our God is!  He is worthy of our praise!!!

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