I often get discouraged when I see self-defeated people that quit before they ever get started, when they give up as things start getting tough or when they speak death instead of speaking life into the goal in front of them.  I’ve written a few previous blogs about self-defeat so I won’t elaborate here but people often have a lot more potential than they give themselves credit for (unless you’re a bad singer on American Idol that should have been told by your friends to never attempt the tryouts)!

God has given each of us specific talents and even though you may not be good at everything doesn’t automatically mean you’re not good at anything.  I challenge you to be encouraged in the goals and desires that God has placed in your heart.  Sometimes God will bring people into your life to challenge you to do better in those specific areas and you’re supposed to use that challenge to sharpen your giftings and not to give up on them when it gets a little tough.  Picture a track coach yelling at you as you approach the final stretch of the race and telling you to step it up a notch.  He’s trying to help get that adrenaline pumping and encourage you to give it your best.  Some people immediately think that strong encouragement and challenge is negative feedback when instead it’s intended to help you grow into the potential that others see in you.  You are probably your worst critic and you assume that others feel the same way.  We all know what assuming does!!!

If you’re supposed to be a representation of Christ, shouldn’t Christ shine through you?  Walking in the image of Christ requires faith, relationship, connection with the Holy Spirit, discipline, accountability and a desire to be better than you were yesterday!  Not cocky… but confident!  Don’t waste the opportunities to grow.  Seize those opportunities and live life to the fullest!  You may not be great at everything but I’m sure you’re great at something so I challenge you to find those areas and do them with excellence.  When you are victorious, you become an excellent witness for Christ as He has given you those abilities and talents.  Don’t be defeated as you celebrate the success of other people because you can be great too as you follow their lead or plow your own path!  It’s not about you but what God can do through you!

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