Originally posted - May 9, 2008


It’s time to poll the audience…… I need your opinions…be honest… no offenses taken!!!

These questions are for both my Christian and non-Christian friends.

Why is it that we are sometimes more intrigued and drawn to concerts, events, clubs, sport events, bars and other gatherings than we are at church (this applies to whatever churches you’ve attended but mostly towards what we call “contemporary” churches)?  We spend lots of our money, we scream, we clap, we jump up and down, we participate, we are drawn, and we can’t wait for more …. but then when we go to church, it seems as though the excitement dies down and the level of intensity drops (some exceptions apply).  This even applies to those of us that actually lead worship.  If we aren’t freely letting it rip…. why should we expect you to???

What steps do you suggest that churches make to remedy the situation while still putting Jesus as the main focus?  Jesus is real, He is amazing, He is our Creator, and He died on the cross for our sins so we could be FREE… don’t you think that deserves Super Bowl level celebrations at any cost???

I believe freedom has a lot to do with it!  I believe that we clinch the Spirit as more constraints, rules, and limitations are put on worship, the programs, and even those preaching.  I’m not talking about chaos, lack of structure or being out of order… I’m talking about freedom and organized flexibility!  …oh yeah… did I mention sensitivity to the Holy Spirit instead of sensitivity to messing up the agenda!

This is for the worshipers...
  when you experience worship (if you have), what is it at those times that draws you in and captivates your attention so you can worship freely in the Spirit and receive from God while offering praise effectively?  I’m not talking about going through the motions of singing or hearing good music (or bad for that matter)… I’m talking about being ushered into HIS presence.

How do we experience more of those intimate times in both fast and slow songs?  How do you think the following things impact worship (or even the bar scene):  the professionalism, the volume, the equipment, the anointing, the lighting, the attire, the song list(s), the people involved, the stage presence, the look, the structure (whether too much or not enough), the monotony, the predictability, the passion……etc!

Oops… this was supposed to be short.  Please give me feedback on one or more of those questions and statements!  If you don’t have an answer, ask a friend!

Disclaimer >>>>>I understand your opinions are based on the number of churches you’ve attended…. not a problem.  If you think church worship sucks… I want to know why… and suggestions on how to fix it!

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