Gas 2

Originally posted - June 20, 2008


Have you ever heard the quote:

“God helps those who help themselves”?

What is your take on the subject?

Be honest…. Don’t give me a fluffy answer!

I’m looking for personal opinions, personal convictions, and even scripture with personal interpretation.



Mike, my personal conviction is that God helps those who are willing to put themselves out there and initially make the effort. It's like the parable of the guys with the talents. The more effort you make with what you've been given, the more blessed it will be. Or like the law of the harvest... you reap what you sow. Sow lots of seed, and typically you get a bigger harvest. Because of these examples, I'm led to believe that God is willing to meet us halfway... and that when He sees us making the effort to love and serve Him, He is gracious and loving enough to even meet us more than halfway!

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