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Originally posted - April 13, 2007


People often ask me why I'm so infatuated with trees! I believe that it is connected with the value I place on the gift of life and the similarities they have with people. They all have general boundaries but also have freedom that makes each one unique. Trees are very much like humans. There are many different species and subspecies (ethnicities). They have a basic heights, widths, leaves, fruits, etc.... and generally look similar even though each one is completely different. Some are young, old, weak, strong, fragile, flexible, stiff, reachable, unreachable, intriguing, boring, colorful....etc. It's amazing to look at the way the trees grow based on their surroundings and the creativity each one reveals as God's creation. Trees have the ability to branch out as they choose with different branches, leaves, seeds, bark, textures, and whether or not they will produce shade or be shaded. The surroundings create boundaries but yet they still have "free will" to grow as they choose within those boundaries. They are both influenced and also influencers to the area around them (to animals, other trees, grasses below, ...etc)

It is amazing how much our surroundings dictate (influence) our lives as humans (similar to trees). Do you ever wonder things like: "What if I didn't grow up around....", or "What if my parents did/didn't.....", or What if I did/didn't have....", or "What if I did/didn't do....", or "What if I tried harder at.... " ........ the list is endless. You know the saying, "You are who you hang around". There is so much truth to that. If you notice, the same species of tree on the west coast looks different then on the east coast. Same thing with people. Life is so influenced by the factors that entangle it. It is ,although, your choice to do as you wish with those factors. Even though some factors naturally influence you, many of those factors you have control over. Look at your surroundings.... your leaves, branches, seeds, barks, textures, and influence. Are you where you want to be and doing the things you're wanting to do or are you letting your surroundings dictate where your life will go? If you're not where you want to be, change something.

Life is a choice... it is your choice on how you choose to live it! It is also a choice who you will influence and how you will influence them (sometimes without even knowing). Always be aware that someone is watching you... are you leading by example? Life after death is also a choice.... will you choose Heaven or hell? Will you choose Jesus or fall prey to the things of this world? Jesus Christ died for our sins and to give us everlasting life with God the Father. He loves you and has influenced you as you read in the Bible of His sinless life on the earth. He has come to set us free!!! If you don't know Him, now is the time to confess your sins, profess your belief in Jesus Christ, and begin living as He has called you to in His Word. John 14:15 says, "If you love Me, you'll obey what I command." For those that already know the Lord, don't get complacent. It's easy to say you're a Christian.... it takes a real man/woman to actually act and live like you're a Christian. It's not easy... but worth every bit of effort. The reward will be amazing... for those who have earned it!!!

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