Pet Peeve:  A particular and often continual annoyance.

11 – Stupid people (don’t get all churchy on me and say that isn’t nice… you are thinking it too!)
<I love the quote “we are all entitled to stupid moments but some people abuse them”!

10 – Toilet paper and paper towels
<This is a simple concept… if you use the rest of it, replace it.
<I prefer it to go over the top but if you choose the other way… at least you replaced it.  Have a cookie!
<Leaving one square does not qualify as “there was some left”.

9 – Pay at the pump receipts
<It eliminates the convenience part when the receipt paper is out (often) and you still have to go inside.

8 – Attitudes
<We all have our moments but some people are just one big piece of attitude pie.  Talk to the hand!

7 – Quitters
<They are good sports when they are winning but they lose once and they give up… with an attitude.
<Some people just have no motivation and quit before they ever get started (see defeated blog)

6 – People who mow their grass into your yard.
<If we wanted your junk in our nicely groomed yard we would ask.
<If our yard looks bad already we don’t need it to look worse.

5 – Cigarette butts all over the beautiful landscaping God has blessed us with.
<It’s illegal to litter so quit being a lazy moron and dispose of your trash like you have a brain or something!

4 – People who assume.
<Self explainable… we all know what assuming does!

3 – Leaving the toilet seat and/or lid up!
<Men…your aim isn’t that good… and you eventually have to sit down too!
<Women… if you leave the lid up, don’t complain when the men (or women) pee on the seat!
<Everyone… the water might be clean-ish but someone just dropped the bomb in there and the airborne fecal matter is still getting in the air and on your toothbrush so shut the lids for the love of Pete!
<Also… unless you like fishing that much, you can eliminate opportunities for dropped articles in the toilet!

2 – Cruising in the left hand land when driving.  AAAAAHHHHH!
<If you’re not one of the following… stay to the right while driving in America:
-Passing a nearby slower car… not way ahead of you
-An emergency vehicle (police, fire, ambulance, etc)
-About to poop your pants (the universal sign is flashers and speeding)
-In congested traffic going less than 40mph…then it’s the guess who’s faster game!

1 – Leaving neon OPEN signs on when the place is closed!  What in the world…
< Regular signs don’t bother me as much but….use them…that’s what they are there for!!!

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