TJ's December 2016 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Family & Friends,

Thorsby Jams, LLC (TJ's) has had an adventurous and fruitful year with all of its branches (TJ's CAVE, TJ's Cafe, Thorsby Band/Ministries, Burn New Bern & Craven24Seven). We are quite thankful that many of you were part of writing the script for this season! One of the downsides of being a pioneer is the seasonal shifting that takes place... as if plowing new ground wasn't hard enough! Sometimes things get established and handed over for others to carry the torch and steward. Sometimes things have limited seasons. Sometimes things have extended seasons with multiple growth rings (like a tree). TJ's has branches that fall into all of those categories on some level. The most recent shift...

TJ's CAVE & TJ's Cafe - The season has come to an end in this particular facility. It has served its purpose for a season but it's not in our best interest at this time to invest in the next phase of expansion with the current variables in place. In order for us to maximize stewardship of our time, talents and treasures, we have decided it's best for us to close these branches at the end of 2016 with the intentions of re-opening at a later date. We're essentially just pushing the pause button for a season as we prepare to expand the operation and vision in the next phase. We accomplished and surpassed our original goals for this particular location as a sampler before expansion. We had many bands and artists come through to offer a service to our community and an opportunity for exposure for the various types of artists involved. We continue to be inspired and motivated to support local arts and look forward to having a place to host again in the near future.

TJ's will still continue to administratively and financially support the other branches so feel free to sow as you feel led. We'll still have plenty of past, present and future investments to cover so every bit helps! Buy an album, a t-shirt or simply donate a million bucks if you can!

Please stay engaged with us as we continue to serve our commUNITY:
TJ's CAVE, TJ's Cafe, TJ's Store (Facebook)

Thorsby Band/Ministry (Facebook)
Burn New Bern (Facebook)
Craven24Seven (Facebook)

Michael Thorsby

Upcoming TJ's Family Events:
Dec 17th @ 5-6pm - Michael & Sara Thorsby @ MX Tent (Kinston, NC)
Dec 19th-23rd @ 6-9am - TJ's Cafe
Dec 23rd @ 6-10pm - TJ's CAVE
6-9pm - Creative Arts Expo
6-7pm - Pre-Show Musicians (McLamb, Thorsby, Persilver)
7-9pm - The Raynor Brothers (Jazz Christmas)
9-10pm - BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Closing Sale (remaining stock items)
Dec 24th-31st - TJ's CAVE/Cafe Closed - Christmas Break/Venue Clearing

P.S. Note the cute picture at the top! This is one of the many "variables" involved in our decision to close TJ's CAVE & TJ's Cafe for a season. After being called "Baby Thor 3.0" for 9 months, I'm sure Josiah David Thorsby is glad to have his own identity and we are quite blessed (and a bit overwhelmed) to be entrusted with so much! We welcome your prayers for our family, our ministry and our business adventures to maximize stewardship.

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