TJ's December 2015 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Family!

It's been an amazing year and we're still trying to process all that has transpired! We've unpacked quite a few highlights through our social media and websites and encourage you to browse and engage at your leisure! I want to say thank you for being part of our lives and our commUNITY. Some local supporters are more involved and some are supporting us from a distance but we recognize that we can't do what God has called us to do without the love, encouragement and prayers we have from our friends and family.

We've decided to do a last minute commUNITY Christmas shindig at TJ's CAVE on Dec 18th from 6-9pm for those that are available join the fun!

Check out our event schedules, blogs, facebook posts... etc at the links below for branches that are currently operating under the TJ's Family Tree!

TJ's CAVE (Facebook)
Thorsby Band/Ministry (Facebook)
Burn New Bern (Facebook)
Craven24Seven (Facebook)

All of these branches/ministries take resources to pursue with excellence. If you feel led to sow into the vision of any or all of of these branches prayerfully and/or financially, please visit our SPONSORS page for details of how to donate!

Upcoming Public Events:
Dec 17th - Thorsby @ The WAVE (8-9pm)
Dec 18th - commUNITY Christmas @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm)
Dec 19th - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm)
Jan 8th - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm)
Jan 9th - Adoption Fundraiser @ TJ's CAVE (2-4pm)
Jan 9th - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm)
Jan 15th - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm)
Jan 16th - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm)
Jan 22nd - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE
Jan 23rd - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm)
Jan 29th - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm)
Jan 30th - Creative Arts Expo @ TJ's CAVE (10am-2pm)
Jan 30th - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm)

I pray many blessings over you and your families! Be encouraged! YOU have value and I look forward to hearing about what God is doing in and through you!

Michael Thorsby

P.S. I feel like we're embarking on a "nothing is impossible" season. (Matt 17:20)

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