Dear Family & Friends,

Here’s the download on portions of what the Thorsby family invested into for 2010!

2010 Highlights:

-Sara is now full time with New Bern Cancer Care (CCHC) as a Clinical Trials Coordinator and has ended her seasons with CarolinaEast Medical Center and Help-At-Home.  Sara also has some new letters behind her name… Sara Thorsby, RN, BSN, OCN (Oncology Certified Nurse)!!!

-Michael is still employed with LTM INC. as a Systems Analyst/Logistics Technician and this pays the bills so he can focus on his unpaid job as a musicianary!  Michael also has cool letters… Thorsby, MD!

-We went to Disney World and spent some quality time relaxing in Orlando, Florida!

-We had a tremendous time camping with friends from multiple states @ Creation Festival in Mt. Union, Pennsylvania (aka-Christian Woodstock) (

-We spent Thanksgiving in Guatemala with some amazing missionary families, took the children we sponsor through Living Water International’s Adopt-A-Child program ( to McDonalds for their first time ever and visited the Mayan Ruins… AMAZING trip!!!

-We invested more into our ministry-based business, Thorsby Jams, LLC.  We incorporated training, guys bible studies, girls bible studies, couples enrichment group, jam sessions, community ministry…etc. while also promoting our debut album:  Thorsby - The Grounded Project! (

-We sold the ’85 Honda Prelude / ’98 Plymouth Breeze & upgraded to ’06 Toyota 4-Runner / ’10 Toyota Corolla but couldn’t part ways with the faithful ’93 Ford Ranger….250,000 miles & going strong!!!

-We also bought a pony – 1965 Ford Mustang…it’s an old project car with character but it is paid for!

-We enclosed portions of the yard with a privacy fence and added a carport to the side of the house!

-We made a lot of construction, landscaping and cosmetic improvements to our old 1945 Hobbit House!

-We paid off all student loans & unsecured debt!!!  We refinanced our house @ 3.875% & got 0% on cars!

-We incorporated weekly date nights to strengthen our marriage as we consider family expansion!

-We gave away more this year than ever and have seen a tremendous amount of fruit from those missionaries and ministries we partner with locally and internationally!  It’s so worth the sacrifice!

-We have SO much to be thankful for and recognize God’s grace as He loves us so much!  Although we appreciate the things we have, we value most the relationships we invest in and the Creator we worship!

2010 Bummers:

-In the midst of our busy schedules, we didn’t make it to our local beaches much…we intend to change that this year and purposefully explore the surrounding local landscape God has blessed us with.

-Michael didn’t ride the motorcycle much due to mechanical issues, extreme weather & other priorities!

-Our dogs Toby (Tobias Tyrone Thorsby) and Oakley (Oakley Rascal Thorsby) have been demoted to the large fenced back yard (instead of the whole yard) due to: being overprotective and trying to eat people, public bathroom displays everywhere, digging to China in the flower beds and breaking and entering under the house through the block walls while tearing up insulation and duct work…multiple times!

2011 Goals:

-Become yoga masters… ok scratch that… be more diligent in our workouts!

-Build a detached double-level two-car garage with a studio, office and guest room areas (The Upper Room)!

-Finish Hobbit House restoration… windows, heat pump, siding, interior, tile, kitchen, bath…etc!

-Get back in the studio and generate a full band album to follow up our acoustic debut album!

-Blog weekly for and include occasional live worship and training video clips!

-Tell more people about Jesus through our testimony, relational ministry and our musical worship!

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