Mark Gungor uses “The Nothing Box” as an illustration in his amazing series called “Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage”.  If you’ve never seen the DVD series or attended one of his seminars, stop reading this, go online ( and buy the series or sign-up for the seminar and then return to read the rest of this!!!  Ok… just go ahead and read it now!

Sometimes we just need a few minutes alone!!!  Can I get an AMEN?  The nothing box is symbolic of the place you go when you’re blocking out everything around you and just trying to get a few minutes of peace.  This is very important for your sanity and at times for the benefit of those around you!

Sara and I are very busy people.  It’s usually a good busy like working on the house, ministering to others, serving in the community, coordinating events, working at our jobs or even planning fun stuff.  Sometimes being too busy can be counterproductive and you can lose the focus of what your intensions were in the first place.  We’ve learned that it’s important to have a time of restoration as individuals but also as couples (alone).  Sometimes we’re even spending goof-off time together but with other people or an elaborate plan but it’s nice to just enjoy each other’s presence without an agenda or unnecessary distractions.  Sometimes it’s good to be completely alone for the same reasons.  It’s important to have time for self-reflection and the opportunities to step away from your busyness to ask yourself if you enjoy what you’re doing, if you’re making a difference, if you’re following your dreams, if you’re being a good steward, if you’re following where God is leading you…..etc.

In the same sense, it’s important for us to go to “the nothing box” with God sometimes.  No distractions, no busyness, no agenda, no other people and absolutely nothing that will take away your focus.  I recommend spending that quality time with God on a regular basis (daily) because He may be trying to speak to you and your busyness and the clutter of your life is so LOUD that you can’t hear His voice.

Take a few minutes and enjoy “the nothing box” each day and extended versions every few weeks or so.  Don’t feel guilty… you need it, I need it and it’s good for you.  This is not a permission slip to abuse the nothing box on a regular basis and become a lazy bum…. use in moderation!

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