Just for starters, those Sweet Tart Hearts are some of the best candies out around Valentine’s Day.  Is it bad to start with a side note before you even begin the blog?  I just thought it was worth mentioning a mostly sugar based candy since we’re talking about sweethearts anyways!!!  Sweet like sugar!

There are pros and cons to being married but it’s really more about seasons versus one being better than the other.  The Bible states that it’s better not to marry but if you’re burning with passion about the person God has set aside for you, then it is ok (if you do it the right way).  The purpose for the Bible stating it’s better not to marry is so that you can be completely focused and devoted to serving the God in whom you worship.  This is a role that should be clearly confirmed by God...not just a good intention.  Not many people have the dedication, calling, desire, patience…etc. …or some might call it a curse… to have the gift of celibacy.  Praise God that this isn’t one of my giftings.

On the other hand, God has given us the privilege of marriage and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  This is meant to be a covenant between you and God that include following His decrees to fulfill the purpose of marriage.  Not only is it meant for companionship, love, sex, being fruitful and multiplying…etc but it’s also intended so you can be even more effective for God through unity.  It’s a privilege to marry and isn’t just some ritual to celebrate amongst friends and family with a half-hearted commitment.  It’s meant to be forever.  She is supposed to be your sweetheart FOREVER.  Not optional.  Somewhere along the lines people have forgotten the roots of marriage and purpose for which it was intended.

I have been blessed with an amazing bride (Sara) after spending 27 years living the single life.  After years of going through the motions and eventually getting my life right with God, God called me to utilize my years as a single to grow closer and invest with Him, to focus on who God has called me to be and to minister to those in my sphere of influence during that season of my life.  He wanted me to discover who I really was in Him before moving on to the next chapter.  Once I finally reached a level of contentment and totally focused on God, He revealed to me the woman of my dreams… literally!  Sara was WORTH THE WAIT.  We courted for four more years and have now been married almost five years and I love her more each day.  We did things the right way (God’s way) during our courtship and God has tremendously blessed us because of it.  We have had so many opportunities to minister together as a team but will now have the opportunity to minister to our own family as we have a child on the way.  God is so good and I thank Him so much for my sweetheart.

Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord”.


You are too good to me. I love you :)

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