Doesn’t the title sound selfish right off the bat?  We often have different views on the interpretation of “me time” and I would like to unpack some random Thorsby thoughts for you to ponder…

We all have different skills sets, responsibilities, kids, obligations, callings, chores, hobbies and other activities that don’t have a classification.  I think it’s very important to have a little “me time” each week regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnicity or marriage status.

Some people are naturally givers and spend a lot of time serving others, catering to kids or a spouse or just doing busy work that leaves little or no time to do something that they really enjoy.  Sometimes that thing might just be a few hours alone in a hammock with a drink of choice and no interruptions.  You know how the saying is to “stop and smell the roses”.  That’s very true and sometimes we get soooo busy in our lives that we forget to enjoy the little things… or even the big things that we’ve worked so hard to accomplish or acquire.  What good is making a lot of money if you can’t enjoy it?  What good is building a mansion if you never spend time in it?  What is the purpose of buying that boat if you don’t have time to use it because you’re working so hard to pay it off?  What’s the purpose of having kids if you’re not going to have time to invest in them? (P.S.  If you don’t have time for them or can’t afford them… tie the knot baby… we can’t afford your kids either!)  It is a good thing to take at least a few hours a week to yourself or even with some friends.  If you’re married, it’s good to have date nights away from your busyness together but it’s also good to have guys night and girls night…. otherwise you become that couple that is disconnected with the world because you’ve never left your house!  Getting outside of your comfort zone is good for accountability as well.

Some people take this to the extreme and it becomes more of a selfish act.  If you’ve neglected your family or kids and it’s all about you… we’re cutting you off from “me time”.  These people need to find a balance (as well as those that don’t take enough) and it needs to be more of an inclusive mindset.  I understand there are different circumstances such as jobs that require one parent to be more involved than the other but time-off is pretty limited the moment you decide to be a parent… if you choose it, do it well!  You tend to see this type of selfish behavior in people that were spoiled or an only child but being distant, disconnected or all about me will put a strain on your relationships with others…especially the ones who are getting hurt.

There is nothing wrong with vacations!  Sara and I take them often together.  We work hard, minister regularly and play when time and finances allow.  We often combine them all together.  We also have a little bit of “me time” each week and purposefully have guys time and girl time to give us a variety of connection with the world around us.  We don’t have it all figured out but we are people watchers and we try to learn from the fruits of what we see around us from others.  BEWARE… we may be watching you!  Some people give us examples of what to do and some people give us examples of what not to do!  Which ones are you?

Oh yeah… take a break!  We’re going to Mexico May 12-22 so we won’t be blogging next week!

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