Last week we talked about THE TROUBLE WITH POSSESSIONS with the intention of getting us to be good stewards of what we’ve been blessed with and the stuff that so easily entangles us.  Now that you’ve taken inventory of your possessions and the realistic cost they have on you and your family, I ask you to examine your contributions.

Are you making a contribution to society through your possessions?  Did you buy/build that larger house to be utilized for ministry and hospitality or is it just empty and useless space?  Is that new car used to be more efficient and effective in the service you are providing through working or volunteering in the community?  Can some of the toys you’ve bought be used to increase relational ministry opportunities or is it just for you?  Do you have stuff or does your stuff have you?  It’s hard to categorize success, what levels of materialism is acceptable, what levels of spending/giving is acceptable…etc.  Each situation is subjective and each person is accountable for their actions.  One person can give away $10 and another 10 million and they be considered equivalent when considering all factors so don’t get caught up in what others are or aren’t doing.  Are you using your stuff to the fullest ability?  Can you use your possessions and/or money in a way that can help others?  I challenge you to take inventory of the things you have been blessed with and consider why you have been blessed with those things.  Maybe…just maybe God has entrusted you with those things so that you can bless others in return.  He can take it away just as fast as He has given it to us.  It’s God’s anyways.  If you think you’ve earned things in your own strength, you might want to consider where your strength comes from… and breath to breathe for that matter!

Are you making a contribution to society through your service?  Are you employed and making a difference in society through the traditional workforce?  Are you a volunteer that donates your time and resources to the community and beyond?  Are you a stay at home mom raising children (and all the chores that go with it) to help develop the next generation?  We have all been given skills, talents and giftings of some sort.  It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor.  We all have an opportunity to serve on some level and I challenge you to ask yourself if you have been a good steward of what God has given you.  Can you make more of a difference and impact those around you?  It’s not about us but what God can do through us!

Take inventory of your life as it stands today and ask yourself if you are being a good steward.  Don’t wait until you’ve reached a certain level of “success” before you contribute to society.  It’s the normal everyday people like you and I that can make this world a better place.  Selflessness not selfishness is the key.  Let’s make a difference…


Let's also remember that when you're a good steward with the little things, God can then trust you with more blessings (and more responsibilities). So if you're wondering why you don't have the 'blessings' that you want, consider how faithful you are with what you currently have. I'm not saying that giving everything away is the golden ticket to getting God to give you whatever you want... I'm saying that giving what God has called you to give is a good start toward becoming a vessel he can channel his blessings through!

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