Mirror Broken

Originally posted - April 24, 2008


I often take long road trips and vacations for the purpose of self reflection and relaxation.  I like to roll the windows down, open the sunroof, and crank the jams as loud as I can stand it.  Yes, I still “roll” the windows down… I’m not as fancy as some of you!!!  While I’m jammin’ loudly, I like to sing at the top of my lungs, with white boy car dancin’ moves, and I don’t seem to care about what anyone around me thinks at that given time!  Do you ever have times like that?

I’m sure you’ve heard of “go to your happy place” to relax!  Most of you are thinking of the Happy Gilmore scene in your head…. that’s just one example.  I like to “literally” go to my happy place whether it be the beach, the mountains, a sporting event, a concert, the beach….it rated mentioning twice, or anywhere that I can “get away from it all”.

Sometime busyness creeps into our lives and the only way to get a grip is to get away to clear my mind and take time for self reflection… least that’s how it works for me.  I ask myself questions like:

“why do I do what I’m doing”

“is it for me or for someone else”

“am I doing what I feel called to do”

“am I happy”

“what could I change to make it better”

“is this season ending, beginning, or am I right where I supposed to be….hold on”  Ecclesiastes 3:1

“how could I be more efficient so that I’m a good steward of my time” …leaving more fun time!

“___________________” add whatever you’re thinking here!

Why is it that we have to go to a “Happy” place to be happy?  I am even happier when I go on my mini/many vacations but I’m still happy in my everyday life….. because I choose to focus on the good stuff!  Crap still happens but we have to be prepared for it!  “In this world, we will have trials and tribulations…..”

It’s our life….why shouldn’t we live it in a way that makes us happy!  We have lots of choices (some of them get us in trouble) but you pretty much choose how you live your life.  You choose your education level, your job, your hobbies, who you marry, how many kids you have, what you invest your time into, your obligations…etc.

You’re probably saying.... “it’s not that easy”.  Actually it is for the most part.  Some things are out of our hands and we have to make the best out of our situations but many things we can do something about if we’re not content and living life to the fullest.  Some things you may be stuck with based on choices you made in the past (you still had a choice) but you have to live with it now…. make the best out of it!  If you are determined to be happy and have an attitude that reflects it…. it’s amazing what could happen!

Oh yeah…. attitudes are contagious…. it’s hard to frown around happy people.  Try laughing…. I’m sure you can find something funny!

Last thing…. If you don’t like something about yourself… do something about it to change you (obviously that only includes changeable things….plastic surgery not included)!

Any thoughts????

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