I’m a very passionate guy about the things I believe in, the people I love, the dreams I dream and the God I serve.  I’m even passionate about other people’s passions.  I can’t stand going through the motions or doing thing half-way when there is room for more.

Have you ever had that feeling of falling in love?  I’m not talking about the numerous crushes you had in grade school that had a phase time about as long a clean pair of underoos!  I’m talking about genuine, passionate, “I will conquer the world for you” kind of love.  Often times we confuse lust with love.  This principal could be applied to many things.  We might lust over the opposite sex, a vehicle, a house, a job, a situation…etc but that doesn’t mean that we should pursue those things.  They are often fantasies, illusions or temporal type situations.  I’m talking about things that stand the test of time.  I’m talking about dreams that you’ve held on to that have never wavered and have been a part of your core for a significant amount of time.

How awesome would it be if we could drop everything responsible to pursue those dreams?  What is really stopping us besides the normal things like responsibilities, finances, timing, others….etc.?  There are days when I consider the fact that I’m not getting any older and my clock is ticking!  I’m a planner and a very meticulous person when it comes to details but sometimes my dreams are so big that I can’t even seem to put them on paper, describe them or even know where to start in the journey of pursuing them.  Often times my dreams are bigger than me and anything I can do in my own flesh.  Maybe God just gives me glimpses of things to give me something to look forward to but not too much because He knows I will run a hundred miles an hour with it if I have the full picture.  It’s all about timing I guess!

Sometimes I reflect on my life and consider that I might be living the dream right now and I’m so focused on the finished product that I forget about the journey of getting there.  I have a great life and yet I seem to always want more.  I’m satisfied with what God has given me now but I know that there is more to come….in the right timing.  I have an amazing wife, a baby on the way, a good job, talents, treasures, material things, health, family…etc.  My list was different ten years ago as a single guy and it should be changing as we go through seasons.  Maybe these constants are the building blocks on my journey to the future dreams I anticipate.  In my desires to be in the next phase I must not forsake the blessings that I’m resting in today.  Without them I may never get to the final chapters of the dreams.  It’s important to look forward and pursue these dreams with passion but I must not forget the roots from which these dreams were born.


I had an errant thought today that I considered posting on facebook; in summary, "How sad it is to see someone so passionate about something, and almost having completed their education for it, yet still they are so uneducated about it!!!" I agree that you should savor and be grateful for the blessings you have been given. However, there is nothing in the Word that says you should ever be complacent! "Content in any and every situation," yes, but the same writer also references "fighting the good fight, finishing the race" and "running as if to win the prize." The rest of my personal comment was: don't ever expect knowledge to be spoon-fed to you... you must EDUCATE YOURSELF... etc. God says, "You'll seek me and find me when you seek me with your whole heart." I encourage/challenge you to educate yourself in the field God has called you to. That can be translated a number of ways: business planning, prayer for clarity, consulting with those who have lived through it and are a couple "life semesters" ahead of you, studying the history of business concepts that impress you, etc. I think in general there is a season of education/apprenticeship prior to embarking on your own... don't take that season for granted!

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