How are you investing your time?  We all feel like there are not enough hours in a day sometimes.  We should be spending about 8 hours sleeping (I wish), about 8+ hours working and have a ton of other things to squeeze into the time that is left.  We have plenty of things grasping for our time like kids, chores, prep stuff, bills, service, play time, eating…etc.

All of those things are important and most of them are based on choices you made.  You choose to make kids.  You choose to buy all of those things (big house/nice car included) that cause you chores.  You choose to buy things that create bills.  You choose your leisure activities.  You choose whether you make an extravagant dinner (with dishes to clean) or eat PB&J on Chinet paper plates.

Somewhere along the lines we have to find the sweet spot in our schedules where everything seems to flow.  Don’t forget to leave a little wiggle room for the unexpected things.  While you’re planning out those schedules, make it a priority to spend some time taking care of yourself physically and spiritually.  What good are all of those things if our body fails on us due to lack of maintenance?  What good are all of those things if our relationships with God become an afterthought instead of a pillar in our lives?  I challenge you to make time to exercise and rejuvenate your body to its fullest potential.  Don’t just stop there but also make some time to invest in spiritual nourishment while reading your Bible and having some uninterrupted time with God in your prayer closet.  It’s amazing how refreshing these physical and spiritual exercises can be…even though it seems like an extra item for the “to-do” list.  No excuses… make it happen!

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