Originally posted - June 12, 2008


Is there really a thing called justice?

I struggle with the concept of justice when I continue to see inconsistency in a system we call law.  Just like everything else in this world… it’s up for interpretation!!!

I see Grandma’s getting tickets for a light out on their car and yet repeat offenders get their tickets dropped daily for reckless driving.  I see criminals that killed people serve a few years in jail with benefits during and after (at our expense) and then I see someone who stole a TV so they could pawn it to feed their family with a similar punishment.  I just saw a story about a guy who was watching a TV show and fell on the floor laughing.  The tenant below his apartment heard the loud thump and called the police in case something was wrong and they arrested him and put him in jail for resisting arrest when he tried to tell them that he was just laughing at a TV show.  This guy got an immediate response but yet when real crimes are being committed, there seems to be insufficient evidence to rate a warrant!  It just doesn’t seem like we’re on the same playing field.  I understand that each circumstance has its own twists but……..what in the world???

In Feb 2006 I was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver.  We were going in opposite directions at about 55mph each.  This guy had no license, no insurance, and a record that would make you puke.  He had previous arrests for DUI’s, armed robbery, assault, not showing up for court, and other charges.  The punishment he received was 24 hours of community service and after completing two hours of it, they signed him off.  Justice…. What?  Lucky for me… the friend’s car he was driving had insurance on it!

His punishment….. 2 hours of community service

My punishment…. 2 years and counting of physical therapy, orthopedic appointments, chiropractor appointments, possible surgery, knee injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, sleep deprivation, bad dreams/memories, headaches, vision problems, huge medical bills, labor loss, reduced abilities in most activities…..etc!  All resulting in lifestyle changes……..

After two years of legal paperwork and stress, we finally settled for the max amount the insurance companies were liable for and the drunk guy paid nothing personally because no matter what big number the jury puts on the worth of the case, the law protects his personal assets up to a certain amount.  So basically the settlement didn’t even cover the already incurred medical bills and I still have the expense of past and future labor loss, future medical bills, and get nothing for past, present, and future pain and suffering!  I’m already thousands in the whole….and counting!

It’s hard to resist taking matters into your own hands when you want to punch someone in the face…..

Romans 12:19
Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.”

Thank goodness I’m a Christian and believe that we are all accountable to God for everything we do… both good and bad….

Jeremiah 17:10 “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve.”

On a good note…. the doctors said that I probably wouldn’t even run again but I refused to believe it.  I’m not going to take cover-up meds to hide the pain and injure things worse.  I believe that God is going to totally restore my body as I do my part to help.  I have a choice to wine and cry about it while sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself or do everything in my power to rehabilitate my body even if it means working harder than I did before.  Sitting around will actually makes it worse.  I am currently running and working out as my body allows while I rehabilitate despite the predictions of the doctors.  I refuse to be defeated and I don’t just plan on getting back to where I was, but I plan on being better than I was before this incident.  I serve a BIG God and He can heal me completely if He so chooses.  My body may not currently be as good as it was but it is way better than it could have been.  I could have been dead that night.  A few weeks later, somebody died in a similar situation near the same spot.  I guess the Lord still has work for me to do here…….

If you see me playing sports, running, or doing any physical activity (and you will), it may not look like I’m in pain because I hide it well but don’t be fooled… it usually hurts… especially when sitting down at work for long periods of time!  I just ask that you say a quiet prayer for me for total healing.  Don’t feel sorry for me or treat me as fragile… feel blessed on my behalf!

P.S.  I praise the Lord that He gave that guy another chance to get his life right with the Lord… that could have been lights out for him as well.  He is still accountable to God for his actions…. even though there is forgiveness… we still reap what we sow.

P.S.S.  That’s the third time the ole 1993 Blue Ford Ranger has been totaled and none of those were deemed my fault by police…. (1-a deer thought he was a car, 2-a woman driver cut out in front of oncoming traffic and I t-boned her, 3-a drunk driver was all up in my grille…literally!)  I’ve bought the truck back at junk yard prices three times and it’s still going strong!  It’s ugly and full of junk yard parts (cheaper than new stuff) but it gets me where I’m going and runs great.  I would rather drive an ugly truck that protects me with chrome bumpers than a car that squishes like an aluminum can like that guy’s Honda Accord did!  Disclaimer… due to the current gas prices… I’m actually driving an old 1985 Honda Prelude (with sunroof) so my safety is less than desirable than my truck!!!

If you’re reading this line… you get extra credit for reading this way too long blog!!!


The following is a quote from 'Equally Skilled' by J.F.: No, don't gloat over me Though I fall, though I fall I will rise again Though I sit here in darkness The Lord, the Lord alone He will be my light I will be patient as the Lord Punishes me for the wrongs 've done against Him After that, He'll take my case Bringing me to light and to justice for all I have suffered And both of His hands are equally skilled At ruining evil, equally skilled At judging the judges, equally skilled Administering justice Both of His hands Both of His hands are equally skilled At showing me mercy, equally skilled At loving the loveless, equally skilled Administering justice Both of His hands Both of His hands The only thing humans are innately successful at is messing everything up. God is the judge of the judges. The King of kings. The one who created it all, and the only one who can fix it all.
You are my hero!! Praise God for what he brings us through so that it may be a part of our testimony.

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