Hello Friends & Family,

It's a new season for The Thorsby Band and we're excited to announce some new stuff...

Thorsby just released three new raw acoustic MP3 singles on CD Baby, iTunes...and a bunch of other digital sites:
Too Far
Patiently Waiting

You can always go to our website for purchase information.

We're also going back to
PureMix Studios Feb 18th/19th to work on The Grounded Project II (full band).  If you haven't bought The Grounded Project (acoustic) already, shame on you...go buy it!

We're excited to work with awesome musicians for this project:
Jason Persilver (Electric Guitar)
Jordan Thomas (Drums)
Timmie Raynor (Bass/Sax)

We realize we still haven't posted any videos or live audio in the past few years and quite frankly...the quality is terrible and we may be doing you a favor!!!  We got a new HD video camera and a handheld audio recorder so we will hopefully capture something soon... or see if we can restore some of the old stuff a little better.

We're slowly updating the website and facebook page... so stay tuned!

Until next time...


P.S.  If you want to help us fund this new project, we welcome donations or you can always buy a Promo Pack (12 CDs/$100)!!!

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