Idle Weapons

I’ve been feeling a stirring in my Spirit as I think about the men and women of God that are sitting on the bench in this game of life.  Some are educated, passionate, skilled and many of them called by God to do great things but there are barriers that they just can’t seem to get past.

These barriers include things like:  politics in the church, bad examples that have led them astray or disgusted them, hurt by other followers (that may be trying to figure it out themselves),  not recognizing the scope of their impact, feelings of inadequacy, going through the motions….etc.

Are you by any chance one of these people?  Or do you know one of these people?

What’s it gonna take to break the trend?  In the BIG picture, doesn’t it seem like we just hurt ourselves and the Kingdom as a whole when we withhold our giftings and talents from the world?  I understand that people have different callings…. Some more internal ministry minded (inside the church), some more external minded (in the community) and some a mixture of both.  I challenge you to set aside your struggles and frustrations with things of the past (and maybe the present) and focus on what God has called you to do now and do it with excellence.  Don’t just sit on the bench and watch the starters do all the work… study their leadership and technique, prepare and practice for your specific talent(s) and make yourself available for when the coach calls you in the game!!!  Don’t just complain about the past, help shape the future!

We can be “weapons” of warfare in the Kingdom of God or “weapons” of mass destruction when our piece of the puzzle is missing from the master plan.  You have more impact than you realize!!!


When God is telling me something, he always confirms it from many different sources and yet I am always amazed to hear it from yet another source. He has been telling me that I need to live my life "on purpose." So many times, we drift through life and wait for things to happen, wait for God to tell us what to do. But instead, we need to be actively waiting on God. We need to be looking for things we can do to serve God while we are waiting. We need to be praying and reading His word and serving where we see a need. If we do these things, one day we may look back and realize that while we thought we were waiting, while we thought nothing was happeneing, God was using us all the time or using those experiences to be a foundation for even bigger things to come. Thanks Mike for allowing God to use you in the little and the big things.
Great post mike
When the Spirit calls we respond with heartfelt zeal. Yet in this broken world these very works can sometimes chafe -- e.g., "no good deed goes unpunished." Still I believe in persevering, not returning to the bench. Didn't He say we would suffer in His name?
Awesome! This was a particular message that touched me Sunday. The sermon was on tithing but the Pastor took it in a whole different direction. It got me to thinking that most people don't give 10% of themselves to the church, why would they have the desire to give 10% of their income. you thinking huh! There are 24 hours a day x 7 days a week. 168 hours. 10% is 16.8 hours, 5% is 8.4 hours, and 1% is 1.68 hours. The average "church goer" doesn't spend more than their 1 weekly hour in church. Not only do they not have the fellowship and relationship in the church, but their Bibles never open until they are there again. Small steps will actually make for spiritual growth. If you spend 1 hour on Sunday in church and add 6 minutes each day with a small devotion, you've now reached 1%. Congratulations! But God will take that small seed and it will grow. For those of us that give much more, it is difficult sometimes to understand why someone wouldn't want to give more of themselves...continue to pray for God to move in their heart.
Great word Mike.
Some people don't even know where the game is, much less the bench. That's where we can all help by encouraging people with an inactive mindset to be an active weapon for our Lord...

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