Sara and I own an old 1945 fixer-upper farmhouse barely reaching the 1,000 square foot line.  We call it the "Hobbit House" because most of the ceilings are 7ft or under and the bedrooms slope down to 5'6' with little windows that swing wide open.  I've been working the land the past few years trying to clear it, clean it, and nurture it to make it a beautiful masterpiece... still in the works... it takes money and time and I'm short on both!

I have some nut trees (pecans, bitternut, walnut, acorn...) that I've been taking special care for and praying that they would produce fruit!  This year we had a tremendous harvest with our pecan tree in the front yard and at some point I said "praise God for the harvest".  But as I was picking up the pecans and after filling up a few buckets, I caught myself grumbling because there were too many, my back was hurting, I stepped in dog poop, it was taking time away from other things I wanted to do, thinking about how much time is was going to take to crack them all open....etc!  How selfish is that?

God has blessed us in so many ways that we should be thankful for (and don't even recognize many times) and we still find a way to grumble even when He has given us the fruit and directly answered specific prayers we have offered.  I challenge you today to learn from my "stupid moment" and be gracious and thankful in all things... especially the obvious ones!!!

Sara and I are thankful to those of you that have supported our ministry and business of the King!  Your efforts and encouragement do not go unnoticed!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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