Dear Family & Friends,

Here is the scoop on what the Thorsby’s have been up to in 2009!

Michael celebrated his 30th birthday on July 7 and Sara celebrated her 25th birthday Dec 22!  (We are now officially “old.”)  ;-)

2009 Highlights:

-Michael is still employed with LTM INC. as a Systems Analyst/Logistics Technician.

-Sara is still employed with Carolina East Medical Center as an RN on the oncology floor, recently started a new journey part-time with New Bern Cancer Care (a doctor’s office) that she really enjoys, and is training a replacement for her home health job with Help-At-Home to make room for new adventures!

-We plugged into a new church (New Song… and met some new peeps!

-We traveled to Okinawa, Japan in May for two weeks to spend time with some amazing friends!

-We released our debut acoustic album:  “Thorsby – The Grounded Project” in September…check out to buy the album if you haven’t already - we could use the support :-)

-We spent the month of October in Antigua, Guatemala attending Christian Spanish Academy (, utilizing our talents as we immersed ourselves in the culture, ministered as we did home visits with children we sponsor through Living Water International’s Adopt-A-Child program ( and spent quality time with the local missionaries.  VERY cool!  We also got to lead worship in a church Michael helped build on a 2006 missions trip!

-We started a business in December:  Thorsby Jams, LLC … see for details!

-We bought a motorcycle – 1985 Kawasaki 454 LTD…it’s old with character but it is paid for!

-We have SO much to be thankful for and recognize God’s grace as He loves us so much!

2009 Bummers:

-Due to lack of time and finances we haven’t invested much into fixing up our 1945 fixer-upper farm house (Hobbit House).  Hopefully we can give it a bit more attention in 2010!

-Due to our busy schedule (mostly good busy) we haven’t invested as much time into friends and family as we would like but we will keep working on that!  Have your people call our people!

-Our dogs Toby (Tobias Tyrone Thorsby) and Oakley (Oakley Rascal Thorsby) have been neglected in the attention department so we owe them a little quality time… in the meantime they have occupied themselves by digging up the yard and peeing on everything else!

2010 Goals:

-Train for the Olympics… ok scratch that… be more diligent in our workouts.

-Get Sara down to one full-time job instead of multiple jobs.

-Begin to build our business and increase our musical abilities/training.

-Get at least one newer vehicle and possibly increase our housing situation!

-Sorry… kids didn’t make this year’s list... our dogs and Adopt-A-Child program works for now!

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