Many of us have a heart and passion for other people and we often feel limited in our aspirations.  Sometimes we’re limited by our availability, experience, monetary positions, inabilities, knowledge, calling, skills, willingness, health…etc.  We often have valid reasons (and sometimes lame excuses) but at the end of the day we still want to help people.  Religious affiliation isn’t even necessary to have a heart, a passion or a purpose.  As a follower of Jesus Christ I continue to believe that God has placed those desires in our hearts along with a general sense of right and wrong via our conscience.  Even if you don’t believe in Christ, it’s fairly common to want to see people get on the right path, to feed the hungry, to provide education, to clothe the needy, to provide medical/dental care and to provide physical/spiritual nourishment…as your beliefs allow.

Sara and I have the privilege of partnering (prayerfully and financially) with some amazing people who are being the hands and feet in areas that we are passionate about.  We wish we could jump on board with every ministry and missionary we come across that are doing awesome things for Christ but we have to use discernment with the resources we’ve been given.  God has called us to pray for our partners daily along with giving a monetary investment in the seed they sow on a regular basis.  I consider this a privilege instead of an obligation.  We’ve partnered with some for years, some only for seasons and some for one-time opportunities.  It is so awesome to see fruit come from these ministries and missionaries and to know that we played a small part by investing in their vision and obedience to Christ.

This doesn’t excuse us from being fruitful in the areas God has called us to with the talents and treasures God has blessed us with.  Part of our calling during this season is to be in marketplace ministry so we can generate the income to support others through giving.  He’s also given us our own set of talents outside of our jobs to invest within our sphere of influence.  It’s so important for each of us to do our part as we are all intricate pieces in this puzzle of life.

On April 14, 2012 we are excited to host Pastor Steve McDaniel for an event at The Hobbit House to promote awareness of the mission in Guatemala through Living Water International and Adopt-A-Child.  Steve is the Director of Operations/Evangelism & Discipleship Coordinator and his wife Ana is the Coordinator for visiting groups, feeding program menus and medical/dental campaigns.  They have been full time missionaries in the field since 2007 and have a passion to promote spiritual/physical nourishment amongst the thousands of children in the
Adopt-A-Child program.  They also have a large influence on the Guatemalan employees of LWI, the pastors of the local churches and the parents of the children involved in the programs.  We will be doing a bonfire (weather permitting) @ 5:00pm.  We will be serving Smithfield’s Chicken & Barbecue for dinner and request that you donate at least $5 per person (preferably more).  All proceeds will go to the McDaniel family to support their ministry.  If you can’t afford to donate, come anyways and we will cover your portion because we want to take away any obstacles that would hinder your opportunity to hear what God is doing in Guatemala.  See our calendar on for event details and updates.  Please RSVP by April 12th to or on our Facebook event page.

I challenge you to find areas of ministry within your own sphere(s) of influence… and also to step out in faith and support someone who is ministering in an area you’re passionate about.  Whether your support is through prayer or finances, missionaries need the support of their ‘kingdom family’ and it’s our responsibility to help make sure they’re ‘covered’ as they venture out to preach the gospel.

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