I’ve really been struggling lately with those that abuse “the system” and take advantage of the generosity many volunteers and organizations offer on various levels.  I’m naturally a giver at heart to many in foreign nations and in my own back yard so it’s not about the willingness to give but about the stewardship of giving.  Obviously many people give for various reasons (philanthropy, tax write-offs, to boast, for public praise, because you feel led by God, obligation…etc).  We’re all givers by default for those of us that work and pay taxes in the United States.  Someone else gets to choose who and what to give to on our behalf with that money without our input or proper oversight.  That’s a different argument though!

I’m struggling with who qualifies as “the needy and the poor” biblically speaking.  I recognize that certain things are subjective and if God is calling/leading you to give… you better do it.  Be sure not to put your convictions on others as He may not be leading them in the same way for that specific situation.  We can debate the literal definitions of needy and poor but there needs to be some level of discernment in our personal choices and those our government makes for us.  2 Thessalonians 3:10 states, “…If a man will not work, he shall not eat”.  I can give you a butt load of verses about giving to the needy and the poor but it still isn’t real clear.  If a man chooses to be lazy and not work, I don’t consider them needy or poor.  Some people choose to have a simple lifestyle and aren’t necessarily lazy (a lot of hippies) but yet they reap the benefits of the poor from their choices.  I go to the grocery store and can’t afford to buy the nice quality foods that people are getting for free via WIC.  Many of those people are selling that food, trading it for other things or just plain wasting it.  I’ve seen all of them first hand.  I have served in soup kitchens/food banks where people are dressed in clothes nicer than I could ever afford or roll up in a decked out vehicle that cost more than my house… literally.  I know people on government assistance that don’t seem to have money for bills but yet drive nice cars, have the latest technology, the biggest flat screen television (with the best cable package) and I’m still rollin’ with my tape player and $7.00 basic cable!  The list goes on…

Our systems continues to reward those who do it wrong and punish those who do it right.  I paid full price for college because I chose to get jobs at an early age while others get a free ride because they were goofing off while I was working or because their skin pigment is different.  We’re giving extra benefits to those having children out of wedlock while those that are doing it right get punished.  I personally know some people with kids who purposely didn’t get married so they can get more benefits (taxes, schooling, discounts, food stamps….).  Our system gives very little incentive for people to do things right and strive to be their very best.  It instead removes necessary punishments that are natural for people to learn from mistakes.  It also discourages those that are doing things right and is breeding a generation of dependents that will spend the majority of their lives in the receiving line instead learning how to be contributors to society.  If we follow the biblical concept and stop rewarding those who do it wrong, they will eventually end the generational curses and we can focus on the true needy and poor.

There are a select few people that are truly needy and poor and could use some help.  There are many jobs out there but lots of people just don’t want to work.  A little humbleness goes a long ways.  How long should we pay for other people’s laziness, lack of work ethics, lack of appreciation, lack of honesty, lack on integrity, lack of ….?  I get the concept of “give without expecting anything in return”.  It sounds good and fluffy but the reality is that you give because you hope it will help them get to a better place, get on their feet, have motivation to move forward and not just linger in the downward spiral.  Usually I give with intentions.  There are occasions when I feel led to give even if it seems sketchy and I have to rest in the fact that each person is accountable at the end of the day for their own actions.  My goal is to also be a good steward of what God has entrusted me with.  I’m already trusting Caesar with the monies I’m required to pay through taxes but once again it’s a commandment that I have to release the authorities to be under their own accountability.  We can still voice our concerns to our representatives and play a part in selecting those representing us (voting).  All this to say I’m a strong advocate for giving… just don’t forget about the true needy and poor!


PREEEAAACH!!! I'm SOOO tired of getting 1/3 of my income taken by the government for programs that I will not see any return from because they promote laziness and approve programs and drugs that make us more unhealthy while shooting down programs and concepts that have better return for their investment. And we all just go along with it because we don't know any better and have to DIG for the truth. In some ways we are a 'greater' nation than we've ever been, but in many many other ways I'm left thinking, "where have all the heroes gone?" The heroes we have now are mostly unsung because the gov't gives more reward for less work, so what's the point of trying so hard? Where's the glory and victory in doing something with excellence? *steps off soap box*

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