There is way too much commercialism around some of these holidays we celebrate here in America.  But at the same time, I get where some of it comes from.  As long as the focus isn’t lost…

There are a million things I could talk about with dads ranging from:  daddy/daughter issues, too tough, too much of a push-over, not involved, overly involved, kids/spouse time priorities, amazing, fixes everything, fixes nothing, beer belly, good role model, bad role model, flaws, good characteristics, inspirations….etc.

I can’t unpack all of those but here are my thoughts…

If you’re a daddy, I challenge you to be involved in your children’s lives.  Show them and tell them you love them.  That doesn’t mean you have to spoil them… that’s what grandparents are for!  Don’t leave it up to the mommy because you need to be a part of their story as they are molded into our future generations.  Set a good example.  If you mess up, admit it and move on.  If you have to be tough, just use the phrase “this hurts me more than it hurts you”!  I understand that when I have to spank my dogs as they look at me with those sad eyes!  Be a good husband so your kids can see an example of what love is so they don’t look for it in all the wrong places as they grow older.  Set a Godly example.  Man is supposed to be the head of the household for various Biblical reasons but they are supposed to follow you as you follow God.  If you’re not following God wholeheartedly, you’ve lost your foundation to stand on.

If you’re a father figure or a single parent do your best to follow all the above things that apply but be sensitive to your situation as children have enough uncertainty in unstable situations.

If you’re a child, do your best to show your love and appreciation.  Don’t just use them as an ATM (if applicable) or a handy-man but be sure to let them know how much you care.  Find out what makes them tick and try to be involved in some manner.  A simple surprise or gesture from a child can make a world of difference… why else do you think parents put our goofy looking pictures on the fridge during our younger artistic years!!!

There are many factors that distance relationships such as divorce, past or present hurts, differences of opinions…etc but those that can build a firm foundation from them beginning can avoid a rough future.  You can’t always fix yesterday but you can start new today.

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