Originally posted -April 8, 2008


True accomplishment is achieved through effort!  That seems pretty simple doesn’t it?  It’s amazing how many people expect to achieve an accomplishment without putting in the main ingredient…effort


-It’s hard to do well in school or work without paying attention and applying effort to the subject at hand.

-Guy’s – it’s hard to be cut like Sylvester Stallone when the only arm workout you do is fork-to-mouth

-Girl’s – it’s hard to be cut like Jennifer Love Hewitt without putting in the gym time!  Insulting them won’t change you!

-It’s hard to do well in sports when you haven’t dedicated the time to practice…. Practice makes perfect right?

-It’s hard to be a musician when you don’t put the time into playing.

-It’s hard to be an educated Christian when the dust on the Bible is mistaken for a cloth!

-It’s hard to be productive when you sleep most of the day and the TV is stuck in the on position.

-It’s hard to ……………… when ………………..

You get the idea!  Fill in the blank for what applies to you!  How can you get motivated?  How can you get out of the rut you keep digging deeper?  Make a plan, set a course, and decide on a realistic schedule….. stick with it!  Don’t defeat yourself with your own disorganization!

Get up!  Get going!  Get motivated!  Get away from the distractions!  Get a plan!  Get a goal!

Get inspired!  …. Inspiration is only applicable if it’s acted on!  Inspiration is more than a warm fuzzy

Until next time…….

P.S.  Don’t just settle for good….. go for great!  If you fall a little short with great… you’re still good!  If you fall short on good… you’re ………..

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