So I was riding my motorcycle down a winding country road that was lined with beautiful trees on each side.  There was no other traffic and the temperature was a comfortable mid-70s.  They had recently logged a portion of the woods so the smell of fresh pine was lingering in the air as the sun was beginning to set beyond the tree line.  The comfort level was quite nice as I was strolling at a safe 60mph with no worries for this particular few moments of my life and then all of a sudden....OUCH… a bug just nailed me in the face under the half-shell helmet.  What in the world?  That just ruined a special moment for me as the needle quickly scratched across the hypothetical record where Hakuna Matata was ringing in my head.

Sometimes life is like that.  We have a choice to focus on the adversity the sneaks up on us (whether it was a result of our actions or just something random), or to roll on and live to fight another day.  Sometimes we get so worked up and worried about stuff that we can’t even enjoy life.  We will also have responsibilities.  We will always have distractions.  We will always have the law of reciprocity (you reap what you sow).  We will always opportunities for fun.  We just have to learn how to balance our unique lives in a way that brings joy to ourselves and to others.  There seems to be a lot of angry people around our world and some of them might have valid excuses.  We have to make a conscious choice to focus on the good things and shake off the bad.  Don’t let a little bug juice ruin this ride we call life!

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