I get discouraged when I see people get “saved” like twelve times or massive salvations resulting in little or no change and thus filling the churches with inch deep and mile wide “Christians” that are going through the motions.  Now that’s what I call an opening statement!!!  But seriously…

I know some of you have just judged me for saying that or think I’m being too judgmental towards others.  I’ve been in church most of my life and I’ve seen the extremes from overly traditional and religious to overly charismatic and quite freaky!  I’ve been around the scene a while and gained just enough wisdom and discernment to be dangerous!  I don’t have it all figured out and I pray that God reveal His will to me daily through experiences, wisdom beyond my understanding and discernment.

It seems as though more and more churches are becoming social engagements instead of places of worship.  Many people do their part by checking off the box of attending (occasionally) but have no desire to dig deeper into the Word, have a deeper relationship with Jesus, have relationships with others, serve or to give in any way that would make it uncomfortable.

God is more than a meeting.  God is more than just singing a song.  God is more than going through the motions.  God is more than meeting with a group of people that pretend to like each other and act different when outside of the church.  God doesn’t do fake!  He is a real God that loves you and desires to have a relationship with you.  He isn’t just the “big guy in the sky”.

It’s imperative that you personally know the trinity that you call God.  How much have you invested into this relationship?  Do you study His word regularly to know the historical, the current and the future promises of God?  Do you spend time in prayer and include God in your daily walk or do you only allow Him into your rehearsed prayer that has become habit instead of a passion?  John 14:15 “If you love Me, you’ll obey what I command”.  The commandments are only a sample of the things God has asked us to do.  The Bible is full of things that will help you to guide and guard your heart as God designed it.  We often try to live this life in our own strength and God isn’t going to force you to love Him.  He wants you to choose it… not just with your mouth but with your actions.

Somewhere along the lines many Pastors have become only preachers, many disciples aren’t being discipled or discipling others, many leaders aren’t leading and ultimately many are becoming groups of “Christians” that are just trying to maintain until Jesus comes back.  I don’t want to be in that group.  I want to be in the “Jesus follower” group that actually makes a difference as we attempt to walk in His image.  I have seen some of the minority of churches, ministries and ministers (investors) that are actually “making disciples of all nations” and the fruit is evident.  These places and investors give me hope when I get discouraged by the masses that are just going through the motions… and sometimes those motions are very entertaining and confusing to those who think that this is all Christianity is about.  I hope my ramblings challenge you to explore Jesus more for yourself and resist the temptation of settling for a surface relationship that many think is “good enough to get them to heaven”.

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