I often ask God for clarity and understanding in my prayers and sometimes He reveals things in the most random ways.  If we’re willing to pay attention, we will see God moving all around us and He will speak to us right in the midst of our situations.

I was using the pressure washer a few days ago and the concept is quite interesting.  It’s amazing how much difference it makes when you’re utilizing the same tap water at a higher pressure.  Why isn’t the rain good enough to wash the sidewalk and driveways, and why isn’t the hose sufficient enough to clean the siding and gutters?  Sometimes it’s necessary to dig a little deeper and go beyond the surface to really get to the roots of the situation.  If we just keep washing it off with low pressure, we’ll never really get into the pores and have a deep cleansing.

We often settle for just rinsing off with the hose in our spiritual life instead of going deeper (pressure washing).  We sing songs without passion and purpose, we go through the motions of traditional “church”, we don’t study God’s Word (Bible) enough, we don’t spend enough time in personal or corporate prayer, we put God in the back seat instead of the forefront and we’re willing to settle for status quo way too often.  We make tons of excuses but realistically, we are just unwilling to sacrifice the time, effort and commitment needed to go a little deeper each and every day.  God is worthy of our praise and part of our praise is the preparation.  Are we ready to encounter God?  Are we willing to dig a little deeper?  Are we willing to seek beyond just going through the motions?

Maybe you didn’t know there was more.  Maybe you’ve never really seen “depth” in your fellow followers in Christ.  It happens all the time and religion begins to take over.  Be willing to step outside of your box and experience new things.  Find someone that you think is “deeper” than you and ask them to disciple you.  If they don’t know what “disciple” means than they aren’t deeper…try again!  Try another person, try another leader or try another ministry.  Somewhere along the lines we have lost the art of discipleship and that is often where growth is encouraged and stimulated…along with our own personal efforts.  We are limited in our own strength, but God can use willing disciples to help you reach new levels and seasons in your relationship with Christ.  He can work in you and through you if you are willing.

Just like pressure washing, depth in Christ is a recurring theme.  We should constantly be digging deeper to refuel and to grow in our spiritual depth.  Once we think we’ve got it all figured out, God will reveal a new area of growth to focus on if we are willing.  Relationship with Christ is a progressive orchestra that will have amazing dynamics if you’re willing to invest!

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