Asleep on the toilet

Originally posted - August 7, 2008


1)  Leaving neon OPEN signs on when the place is closed!  What in the world!

- Regular signs don’t bother me as much but…. use them… that’s what they are there for!!!

2)  Cruising in the left hand lane when driving.  AAAAAHHHHHH!

If you’re not one of the following….stay to the right while driving in America:

- Passing a nearby slower car … not way ahead of you

- An emergency vehicle (police, fire, ambulance, etc)

- About to poop your pants (the universal sign is flashers and speeding)

- In congested traffic going less than 40mph… then it’s the guess who’s faster game!

3)  Leaving the toilet seat and/or lid up!

- Men… your aim isn’t that good… and you eventually have to sit down too!

- Women… if you leave the lid up, don’t complain when the men (or women) pee on the seat!

- Everyone… the water might be clean-ish but someone just dropped the bomb in there and the airborne fecal matter is still getting in the air and on your toothbrush so shut the lids for the love of Pete!

- Also… unless you like fishing that much, you can eliminate opportunities for dropped articles in toilet!



I would have to say my top 3 pet peeves are: 1) Asking me a question, and then interrupting me with your own answer. Seriously... why did we all waste our breath if you already knew everything?!?!?! 2) Toilet paper must go over the roll, not under. I rest my case. 3) When people touch themselves, repeatedly, in the same area. No matter where the area is. Dude, it is super creepy and, like all my other peeves, it makes me grind my teeth. STOP IT!!! thank you. *THE END!*

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