Rough Morning

Originally posted - March 11, 2009


I started working at the age of ten as a young boy.  I learned at a very early age the art of business, responsibility, the value of time and money, leadership, passion, and work ethics.  I also grew up in a military family so I’m very well versed in discipline and respect for authority.

I’ve worked and volunteered in various industries including:  grocery stores, hotel/resorts, restaurants, landscaping, small engine repair, government contracting, Disney World, various sports (ages four to collegiate level), Special Olympics, various ministries and non-profit organizations just to name a few.  I’ve held positions such as player to coach, bench warmer to captain, toilet-cleaner-guy to management, follower to leader, supervised to supervisor, ministered to and ministering to!  I’ve experienced a spectrum of positions that have helped shape my views in the last twenty years of working and I’m sure I will experience more as I grow older.

One thing I’ve noticed is the amazing difference between dictatorship and leadership.  Leadership tends to skillfully manage with authority and regards for the individuals involved and their purpose and passions towards a common goal… while leading by example.  Dictatorship tends to be a more prideful/self-serving position forcing authority without regards for the involved individuals purpose and passions while trying to accomplish a personal agenda.

The business world and ministries have quite a few similarities in day to day operations.  They both need structure, a business plan, qualified and skilled staff, anointing and passion to pursue the vision.  I’m a big fan of stepping out in faith on various things but I do believe it’s the duty of the visionary to extend a realistic amount of effort and planning to fulfill the vision.  “Without vision, the people will perish”.  I also believe that without appropriate action, the vision will die.  A good example is a person trying to live a healthier lifestyle… if that person believes in faith that it can happen but doesn’t make a plan and take the appropriate actions (usually above and beyond normal), then success will not be knocking at the door.  NOTE – normal usually is a good measurement of status quo!

Sometimes leaders tend to forget how important their team is to the success of their vision.  Sometimes leaders mistakenly try to dictate the task at hand for their team instead of laying out structured perimeters and guidelines and letting those called to the positions utilize their creative strengths and talents to accomplish the vision.  I’ve seen success and failures on both ends of the spectrum and the encouraging advocates of individuals tend to reign.  I understand that we all experience seasons (Ecclesiastes 3:1).  I question authority when leaders place individuals on their team (with the individuals concurrence) based on their skills, abilities, calling, anointing…etc and then attempt to clinch those very attributes by trying to dictate their job for them.  Doesn’t that seem counter-productive?

If I can’t do what I’m called to do with excellence, I would rather not compromise my convictions….especially if I feel it’s God given.  God trumps any worldly man-appointed authority in my life!  Obviously if you’re working on a team, you have to compromise in non-critical areas to flow as a team and you will sometimes endure frustrations that you’ll frankly have to get over.  But… if you find yourself in a rut of conforming to something that doesn’t compliment your convictions, it might be time for a new season!  I guess you have to ask yourself, “is what I’m doing fruitful in the big picture and could I be more effective on a different team”!  You can apply this to a job, a ministry, a sports team, ..etc.  This does not apply to family… you’re in that one for the long haul!

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