Burden:  mental weight, stress, affliction, excess baggage, hardship, strain, trial, trouble, worry…etc.

We all have burdens of some type.  Some are normal and expected while others are stupid and unnecessary. We often carry more burden than what is necessary and add additional weight to an already heavy load of life.

When I say some are normal and expected it’s because scripturally we will have trials and tribulations.  These things naturally stress us out and we have to learn to deal with things as they come with a calm and collective attitude.  The saying, “do your best and trust God with the rest” is quite applicable here.  Some people jump the gun a little and are a little too care-free but it’s important to do your part to address situations (as necessary) and be willing to trust that God will bring remedy to situations according to His will.  Keep in mind that “His will” does not always line up with the results that you might have in mind.  I can’t necessarily explain this concept but I’ve learned time and time again that His plans are much better than mine.  There is usually a purpose for the results beyond your understanding in the grand scheme of things.  It easy to begin questioning if you heard God right when obeying the Lord’s calling on your life, but He will reveal things to you in due time to solidify your decisions if you are actively in relationship with Him.

When I say some are stupid and unnecessary it’s because we try to carry too much weight when we often have assistance readily available.  We’re either: impatient, persistent, ignorant, stagnant, or anything else that ends in “nt” that means you’re trying to do it all in your own strength.  Remember the scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil 4:13?  You are limited in your own strength and you must be willing to release things to God to help you make it through.  If not, it will eat you up inside and will completely take over your life.  You will lose focus on the things you are called to do and get tunnel vision with a large percent of focus on things that are probably out of your control anyways.  I’m not saying that you can’t pray about things that seem impossible or occasionally dream the “what if” situation but I am saying that you must be willing to release things.  “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” Matthew 6:27.  Seriously… some people spend an enormous amount of time carrying weight that isn’t theirs to carry.  Sure we hurt for others or relationships or situations or even ourselves but an “I can conquer the world” attitude is usually going to get you further than a “woe is me” attitude.

We all go through stuff.  Some more than others and some are stronger than others.  Friends and family can be very uplifting and helpful (or reverse) but you have to be careful to not over burden them as well for things out of your control.  Do your part, pray about it, release your burdens to the Lord and move on with your life.  I’m sure many opportunities are lost because the pity party was over-extended beyond what is healthy.  Don’t miss out on life because we have a few burdens.  Do your best to roll with the punches and don’t get bogged down with drama.  It’s just not healthy.  If you’re looking for a quick fix… go exercise.  Not only will it be one step closer to being healthier, happier and better looking but it is a great stress reliever and an awesome opportunity to refocus and pray especially on a nice long run without interruptions.

P.S.  Don’t try to fix everyone else’s problems for them either.  Sometimes people just need a listening ear and sometimes a good swift honest kick in the pants but don’t linger in their business too long… unless it directly effects you.

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