We’ve all heard the phrase “April showers bring May flowers”.  This is a classic example of the “reaping what you sow” process.  We all have opportunities throughout life to sow seeds along our journey and we must recognize that there will be a harvest at some point.

When I’m talking about sowing seeds, I’m not necessarily talking about planting a garden or making babies.  Those are more literal examples but it’s figurative on some level.  We have a life full of choices and God graciously gave us the freedom to make them.  Even though God has given us these freedoms, He clarifies in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial”.  Sometimes we justify our actions with a wide variety of excuses but at the end of the day we have to make a choice.  Those choices will begin a season that involves a reaping of the decisions that we make (aka - the seed that we sow).

I’ve heard people make tons of excuses over the years about how they’ve run too far from Christ and He could never save a sinner like them.  I disagree because God is bigger than anything we can do.  It’s a matter of true repentance and a willingness to turn from your ways and focus on the God who created you.  God doesn’t expect us to be perfect but He does expect us to strive for perfection.  He has given us this handy road map (the Bible) and we have to invest the time to understand it more and more as our relationship with Christ grows.

Whether you’re a follower of Jesus Christ or not, the law of reciprocity is still applicable.  If you’re sick of seasons filled with a bad harvest, start sowing good seed.  Change your ways, change your attitude, change your heart, change your socks, change your demeanor and be willing to change those things that are causing you to sin.  Just because you finally start sowing a few good seeds doesn’t mean you’ll have an immediate harvest.  It takes time and you’ll have to ride out the season of the bad seed you have sown over the years.  I challenge you to take inventory on the garden of your life and see where you can improve.  Put a little water on those seeds and they will be activated in the appropriate timing to give you the fruit you desire…

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