2014 Thorsby Family Highlights

Hello Friends & Family,

We’re excited to share a few of our 2014 highlights with you.  The adventures are never ending at The Hobbit House! 

  • At the beginning of 2014, we decided it was best for Sara to stay home part time with kids (3 days home, 2 days working).  Sara is able to spend more time with the kids as well as continue to use her nursing skills… it’s the best of both worlds!
  • January through June of 2014, we served a portion of every 2nd Fri/Sat at Burn Greenville for their monthly 24 hours of worship/prayer from 7pm-7pm.
  • In March 2014, we launched Craven24Seven, a prayer network prototype to cover our commUNITY in 24/7 prayer.
  • May 15-17, 2014, we led a worship set at Ignite Triton in Dunn, NC (50hrs of worship/prayer in a tent on a HS campus)
  • On May 30, 2014 we joined Burn Greenville at theBoiler Room for their 5th Anniversary Celebration & Live Recording of their newest album, “Let Incense Rise”
  • In July 2014, we were blessed to be able to pioneer/launch Burn New Bern as Burn Directors! (12 hours of worship/prayer every 4th Fri/Sat from 7pm-7am)
  • In Aug 2014, we accepted the Worship Arts Director position at The Church @ New Bern.
  • We also traveled Aug 13-17, 2014 to the Burn 24-7 Global Summit in Harrisburg, PA and got to spend time engaging/training with our extended Burn family.
  • We were able to help lead worship for a set at Ignite Goldsboro, where they lifted up 7 days of continuous worship/prayer under a tent from Sept 25-Oct 1, 2014!
  • On Oct 17 & 18, 2014 we participated in the Southeastern Regional Burn Summit & Phenomenon Conference in Greenville, NC
  • In October 2014 we started Burn 24-7 Field Training School Online (10 months of digging deeper into the heart of Burn 24-7)
  • Oct 31-Nov 1, 2014 was “NC Day” at David’s Tent, DC… worship leaders from NC covered 24hrs of worship/prayer as part of a 50 day continuous event on the Ellipse (lawn) of the White House!
  • Nov 8-15, 2014 Michael was able to go on a mission trip to Guatemala where he helped with construction of a soccer field in the remote mountains of Quiche.
  • In November we also started our training in the New Bern School of Supernatural Ministry Online (NBSSMO) – (15 weeks of intense supernatural training)
  • Dec 26, 2014-Jan 2, 2015 – We took some family and friends on a much needed vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC!

Gavin turned two August 29, 2014, and even though he's not a morning person he's very energetic! He loves basketball, dinosaurs, trains, and horses. This year for his birthday some sweet friends of ours let Gavin come over and ride on their pony (named Samson). It's been several months but it's still a hot topic in our house! Gavin enjoys singing, counting, chasing the dog around the backyard and repeating everything we say. Seriously, everything! He brings joy and entertainment to our lives (and intense accountability too)!  He is doing an exceptional job with potty training. Our baby is growing up fast!

Gabriel turned one November 25, 2014! He started walking just before his birthday so in just a short time he has gone from timidly pulling up on furniture to full-out chasing us! Gabriel loves to eat things (including leaves and pea gravel if you’re not watching him!) and enjoys getting tickled and pulling all the DVD's off the shelf. When he smiles he uses his whole face, and we can't help but smile with him! We can't wait to see even more of his unique personality unfold.  He is becoming quite the snuggler and is sleeping better through the night now that he has finished cutting 3 teeth at once!

What’s up with our band/business? Glad you asked…Thorsby Jams, LLC is the company we started in 2009 to be a launching pad for the Creative Arts Venue God has put on our hearts.  See ( for more details.  It is a business in form and a ministry in function.  We get the privilege of building the Kingdom through relational ministry, serving/pioneering in our commUNITY, our region and the nations and leading worship in various venues.  We have the versatility to do acoustics sets and often give the opportunity for guest musicians to join us for full-band sets.  We volunteer for the majority of the ministry we do and rely on album purchases and donations to help us sustain the costs of the extended ministry we’ve been called to in this season.  We’re ready to jump back in the studio to record another album once we’ve paid off some lingering debt from previous albums and ministry/business expenses ($14,000ish) and raise money for the next project(s).  If you feel led to sow into our ministry with a one-time donation or a recurring monthly partnership, please feel free to visit our website for more details (

We pray blessings on you & your family, & hope that you experience deeper depths & higher heights in the coming year!

Love you all!  -  Michael, Sara, Gavin & Gabriel Thorsby

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